Get involved!

Heather Powers of Humblebeads and Art Bead Scene put together a huge box of goodies and had the idea they would travel from beader to beader. When you get the box, you take out what you want and then swap in with equal or greater value. Then, blog (I think a facebook note is fine, too) about it and give folks a chance to win it! Once its over, the whole box will end up with Heather so she can go ahead and have her turn before dividing the rest up into prizes.

Mikki Ferrugiaro of MFD Beadwork Originals ( won the first round.

Then… the box went to Nancy Dale of NED Beads(, who let her puppies decide which person should get the next box. It apparently had something to do with putting all the names on slips of paper and finding out which slip tasted the best to them. I won!

The box arrived yesterday and it is PACKED full of goodies. I took some, and added a lot, and now its ready to move on. Below are photos of my takes and some of the gives before I threw a bunch of other stuff in and then closed up the box, but basically I took a few cabochons (and thank you for the fabulous lavendar and green cab goody, Nancy), some cording, some seed beads and some delicas. I added in some lampwork and some Japanese seeds and some czech beads and a few tools.

Okay, so here’s how you win the next round. Just leave a comment on my facebook page or on this blog with your name and email address. You will be responsible for the shipping cost. Just now, it fits in a medium priority box at $10.95. You don’t have to be a professional beader. You just have to love beads. You don’t have to make your OWN beads, you just have to have too many beads (and not just the handmade variety, but just too many beads)….
Screeeeee!…. *CRASH*
Okay, you don’t have too many beads, you just have to have some you’re willing to trade away.

So, just leave a comment on either my facebook or on my actual blog and it’ll enter you for a chance to win (and again, don’t forget your name and email address). Do it soon! I’m going to leave the comments open for just a week and then do the drawing for the new winner. What fun!

Alrighty… so my takes:

And some of my gives: