Is it possible to overdose on Swarovski crystals? If so, I think it might just happen to me.

Recently, I entered a challenge posed by Pat Riesenburger of Aussie Threads and Fibers. She runs a blog called The Crafty Retailer, which you should read on a regular basis. It has really valuable sales tactics, and is super funny.

Below, a photo of the kit that each volunteer received! Included were assorted copper findings, including glue-in rivoli and rectangle stone components. There were also some 8mm AB2x bicones, 4139 Cosmic rings, 4439 square stones, rivolis and more.

One of my favorite things is using a “set palette” in which I’m given a bunch of colors and then have to “go.” Below, is what I came up with. I added very little – a few cabochons, a few leftovers from an earlier challenge she had done, some CZ drops. You can read about the process here. You can also see all the entries here.

What I MISSED somehow in the original posting that Pat had done was that there was a prize involved with this one – silly! After the original enormous kit (honestly, I think Pat sent me extra stuff), it was nothing short of a surprise to get the following in the mail a few days ago. I have no idea how it was all stuffed in the box and my terrible photo doesn’t even show the great big drops off to one side. THANK YOU!

Now…. what am I going to make with these?

As a side note, here are two other pieces I made using her challenge kits.