I took part in another challenge recently!

The Crafty Retailer blog is really a good read. It has everything from challenges to articles on marketing, store layout and customer service. Further, Aussie Threads and Fibers has some really yummy stuff on it.

Her newest challenge is a fiber challenge. Below is what was offered. I asked her to hold the roll of Swarovski pearl fiber. I wanted to make a purse, and just knew I’d never use it. Of course, the purse form I ordered was late getting in (I should have ordered it earlier), I also had an Etsy Beadweaver’s Challenge due (I’ll be posting on this tomorrow, but meanwhile, you can check it out on Etsy), returned recently from my Midwest trip, and finished a bunch of other projects (see the previous postings in this blog).

Since I think I asked for the stuff (again) after the deadline, Pat from The Crafty Retailer actually created a kit just for me. It had three different colors of pearls, the iron-on transfer, a whole bunch of Swarovski 4mm crystals, a slightly different shape of the sew-on items, a whole bunch of rose montees, some 3-cut seed beads, some 15/0 seed beads, some delicas, and hundreds (thousands, millions!) of these tiny lavendar AB Swarovski sequins…. I couldn’t believe the size of the kit!

I thought I should photograph what she actually did send because it was so immensely generous, but then promptly forgot what I was doing and started working. Below is only a small percentage of it.

I also thought I should do step-by-step processes, and then forgot that, too. So, here are more photos of the finished purse!

By the way, have you seen the free pattern I have, available in the post below? If its July 4th, you still have time or ask for it.