In May, I made a pendant using beads donated by Auntie’s Beads. You can read about it here. I was really pleased with it, but honestly, there just wasn’t enough going on there for me. It needed more fringe! It needed to be bigger! It needed more beads!
At that point, I ran out of time before Bead & Button and also didn’t have a brass necklace blank…

Once I got home, I really tried to take a short break after my three weeks of running, but didn’t do all that well. First, I finished up the bracelet shown in my last post, using beads from Caravan Beads of Chicago.

Then, I decided it was high time to add more STUFF to the pendant. I had purchased a brass necklace blank at Bead & Button, had leftovers from the two pieces I made from the Auntie’s Beads donation, and also had some leftovers from the Caravan Beads bracelet. So… after more bead embroidery and (again) too much fringe, here’s the finished piece.

At least I think its finished. There’s still some room for fringe on there. Apparently black and purple are my May-June colors. I’ll have to start making something in a different palette soon.