I’ve updated the following on 2/26/10

Adrian, the son of one of David’s good friends Rudy, was 17. Two weeks ago he was stabbed at a party and bled to death. His family’s lives have changed forever. Rudy has began coming back to work because he has to, but its really much too soon.

David and I wanted to do something for the family so we’ve designed a heart pendant. It hangs from a jump ring at the top of the piece, is made of a glass called “Momka’s Silver Tears,” has two lapis colored teardops and will be sent to anyone who donates $15 or over. 100% of the proceeds go towards the family to help with the funeral costs and to cover the cost of travel – Rudy and his family intend to go to high schools around the area to talk about the dangers of underage drinking.

Here is the article in our local paper. David tells me that much of it is fabricated, but if you read through the poor writing, there are some truths in there.