I’ve had a couple of emails asking me to update my list of available flat peyote stitch bracelet patterns in one place, and not on Etsy. So, here they are, all offered on my blog. This note will be copied over to my Facebook Page, too, so please ignore it over there since its basically a catalog sales page.

They all come with a listing of the exact color numbers you’ll need. They also come with a peyote graph and a word chart – you must know how to read these and know even count flat peyote stitch before you try these patterns except for the Japanese Screen, which teaches it to you. They also all discuss optional finishing and up to 8 clasping techniques. The smallest of these patterns is 10 pages long! All of these patterns are worked in peyote stitch. Please read the specs on the patterns to learn about anything special you might need to know before beginning these pieces.

Email me or head on over to my Etsy if you are interested in these – the shopping cart doesn’t seem to be working.
Below: Overembellished Fluffy Beaded Bracelet $8.00

Below: Monet’s Winter $10.00

Below: Celtic Knotwork $10.00

Below: Peacock Bracelet (Advanced) $15.00

Below: Wisteria Bracelet (Intermediate) $10.00

Below: Steampunk Cogs Bracelet (Intermediate) $10.00

Below: Color Quilt Blocks Bracelet (Intermediate)

Below: Art Nouveau Flowers Bracelet (intermediate)

Below: Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass Window Inspired Bracelet (Intermediate/Advanced)

Below: Mondrian Bracelet (Beginning/Intermediate)

Below: Leopard Bracelet (Intermediate)

Below: Chunky Cubes Bracelet (Beginning/Intermediate)

Below: Japanese Screen Bracelet (Beginning) -Both kit and pattern available.

Royal Ruffles Kit

And finally, here is my Royal Ruffles Bracelet in kit form only. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery and specify one or two colors. Price includes priority mail shipping. This is going to be a limited edition run only. SPECIAL $45.00