A lot of you have heard me talk about Sasha, our purebred white husky/goat. I’m so worried about her right now, and just could use a little bit of good thoughts for her. Last summer, a lot of you also know that she was the target of poisoning via our horrible next door neighbor.

She went into surgery and made what we thought was a full recovery, but as it turns out she never quite was the same dog again. She is still prone to infection, and right now she’s suffering through a big one. We’ve brought her into the vet for a whole battery of tests and antibiotics, but we can’t seem to lick it and I’m just crying every day about what we might have to do. She’s still a really young dog. Your prayers and kind thoughts are so appreciated. This morning she seemed better and was walking easily and licking everyone, but this evening I couldn’t touch her without her crying.

Her vet bills continue to rise whenever we have to bring her back in and also have attorney fees; we are trying to put our neighbor behind bars for animal abuse but its been a slow process for us. We’re finally looking at the end of this lease, so at least we’ll be able to move.

Thanks for your thoughts, though…
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More about Sasha and some really cute pictures of her… http://www.goodrivergalleries.com/aboutsasha.htm