I hadn’t really updated my website since September, so had a ton of new stuff to add. Just about every single page has been updated, and I’ve added a few new pages. In particular, check out the new bead embroidered bracelets as a subset of the bracelet category in the catalog.

Also, I’ve added a new page of peyote stitch beaded bracelet patterns. These are a part of an ongoing series of less expensive stitch intermediate level patterns from Good River Gallery. I can’t even TELL you how much fun these were to design.

They all come with a listing of the exact color numbers you’ll need. They also come with a peyote graph and a word chart – you must know how to read these before you try these patterns. They also all discuss optional finishing and up to 8 clasping techniques. The smallest of these patterns is 10 pages long! All of these patterns are worked in peyote stitch. Please read the specs on the patterns to learn about anything special you might need to know before beginning these pieces.

They are all available at

Warm Regards and a Happy Thanksgiving,
Hannah Rosner and David Louis
Good River Gallery

Below: Peacock Bracelet (Advanced)
Below: Art Nouveau Flowers Bracelet

Below: Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass Window Inspired Bracelet (Intermediate/Advanced)

Below: Mondrian Bracelet (Beginning/Intermediate)
Below: Leopard Bracelet (Intermediate)
Below: Chunky Cubes Bracelet (Beginning/Intermediate)
Below: Japanese Screen Bracelet (Beginning)