Temari Ball Bead Woven Pendant

Ladies of the early 17th century Japanese Imperial Court challenged each other to contests to determine whose embroidered Temari was the most intricate and opulent. Ball patterns developed one from another or were embroidered in the traditional Japanese Embroidery techniques.

Mine is made from seed beads, and also resembles an Ancient Islamic Folded Glass bead I recently found for sale.

The second photo (pink) is the pendant shown step-by step through photos and instructions.

Students need to have a working knowledge of peyote stitch in the round and be well versed in bead weaving. Students also need to know how to do even count flat peyote stitch and read a peyote graph. This instruction packet is for ADVANCED seed beaders.

Starting Price is $18.00. Only available on my Etsy

At some point, I think these might be headed towards a book…