>I wanted to take a moment and thank all of my students from my classes at 1 Stop Bead Shop. As always, I enjoyed my time with you and hope to see you again in December.

Bead and Button was wonderful! Sales were just fine, I placed in the semifinals of Bead Dreams 2009 for my lampwork glass irises and orchids, and won second place for the Treasures of Toho competition. I also got to meet some of my “online friends” for the first time.

I also got the chance to meet Virginia Blakelock, who originally inspired me to try my hand at larger-scale pieces. If you don’t have a copy of her book, Those Bad Bad Beads, then you are missing out. Its still one of my favorites. Its black and white, but only $16.00. She told me, though, that she’s hoping to rework it.

Here is a new photo of the macrame tutorial, the posting is below with the link. This is the actual project piece, shown step-by-step.

And here is a new photo of my next favorite project, inspired by a piece that Lisa Busch, owner of 1 Stop Bead Shop, did.

Later on today, I’ll have new photos up on Etsy of my newest irises – look for that announcement early tomorrow.

Also, I’ve uploaded two new floral Bead of the Month clubs to my website… One is a “Annuals and Biennuals Club” and the other, just to be silly, is a “Dangerous and Carnivorous Plants Club.” The official announcement for these will go out in my next newsletter, but meanwhile, here’s the link: http://www.goodrivergalleries.com/catalogbeadsflorals.htm.

If you do not currently recieve my newsletter and would like to, just drop me an email. Goodrivergallery@aol.com. Meanwhile, its just good to be home!

Our best,
Hannah Rosner & David Louis
Good River Gallery