I’m not really sure how this all happened, but I have managed to fill my studio. It only took a year in this new place, but somehow stuff’s been breeding like rabbits.
And… I haven’t been shopping all that much – as a matter of fact my fine art supply purchases in the last year have been limited to exactly this:

* Acid Etch – which was for the lampworking
* A marker (that’s right ONE)
* A couple of sheets of handmade paper
* Some brass screening (which I gave away to Joanna since it didn’t work in lampworking)

So, where did all this STUFF come from? Honestly, I can’t figure it out.

So… I have decided to put a bunch of my flat work on Etsy. And opened a new “shop” to do it. Check it out, but promise you won’t laugh too hard – some of the stuff is pretty silly/bad/funny!

Coming soon – a supply store, too!