Most of you have heard about and/or seen Etsy.

But have you taken a look at 1000 Markets?
This growing Indie Shopping Marketplace has a lovely layout and some beautiful product photography.

I joined in December, but only recently have gotten more involved. They are constantly upgrading the site – I’m really pelased with it’s look.
My own shop is here:
I want to show you some of the markets that I have offered me membership.

**Bejeweled Arcade is a nationwide group that covers all kinds of jewelry work. There are nearly 250 memebers in this Arcade, and a whole range of styles and designs.
You can read more about it here:

**Handmade Haven is also a nationwide group. It has just over 300 members and focuses on traditional crafting techniques. You’ll find all sorts of fine crafts here.

**Jewelry Artisan’s Market. Unique Styles From Classic to Exotic. We are a group of independent jewelry artisans who have formed a community to showcase our individual talents

**“Magical Talents” is all about the fine arts of Fantasy. This small group has a really diverse set of work. You’ll find 2d and 3d art here.

**Spirits of the Southwest. Artisans of the Desert. The market provides Artisans from Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah with a marketplace to promote their skills and products.Diverse crafts and styles – its not just about turquoise!

**The Merchants of The Beadweaving Emporium Market (BEM) are dedicated to delivering high quality, one-of-a-kind pieces of bead woven art and sharing our expertise of all things woven with our buyers.

For those who are thinking of joining, just as an FYI they take Amazon Payments, not Paypal.