>Have you seen the new section we’ve started on the Good River Gallery website (http://www.goodrivergallery.com) called Dave’s Niche? He’s writing a short column on his experiences in glass work and in retailing jewelry and beads.

Here’s last week’s article:

David’s Niche: A Fresh Perspective

There are things, simple and complex, that I enjoy so much, that to imagine never having tried them would mean I would not be the person I appreciate in myself today. Whether it was horseback riding, learning a foreign language, painting, disappearing into a novel, or, ritualistically enjoying morning coffee, walking my dogs, cooking, and even the afternoon nap in the summertime. At one point or another, I chose to try them all and discovered a reward I wouldn’t trade to this day.

Though my experience working with glass is limited, each chance I have working with hot glass is a learning experience that I am therefore richer for undertaking. It’s rapidly becoming one of the things in my life that add to my quality of experience that I’m grateful for having jumped right in and gave it a chance. Or rather, gave myself a chance. That first step has had me coming back for more with enthusiasm ever since.

Imagining never taking that first step would be regret instead of the challenges and joys this creative outlet has given me. If you have any interest at all in trying your hand in glass and beadwork; do yourself a favor and jump right in and learn it. The regret could be never having been following your heart and the personal reward could be more than you would have expected.

Add something new to your life – it could turn out to be that one thing that was missing.


As a coming attraction, he’ll be working on a new article in the next few days!
In other news, the googleybird tutorial is FINISHED. Whew! 20 pages and over 50 photographs, shows both boro and soft glass versions.

It is available here: