>No news is good news, right? I’ve been just working away and filling orders. I apologize to anyone who has been waiting. You’ve been very patient. Barb, your little tiny Buckeyes are going out today!

David learned Photoshop and added a bunch of beaded purses onto Etsy for me. They are rediculously silly – beads and feathers and froofiness. I may get back to making them sometime in the future, but for now am sidetracked by the boro flowers.

In the next few weeks, I should also have two lampwork tutorials (e-books) up for sale on Etsy and also have finished the Japanese Lantern Pendant tutorial (I’ve promised it to a few people – I apologize that it’s taking so long). Bear with me!

Some new orchid and iris eye candy from this week. They are all available on Etsy (link to right). My friend Sara asked me if I can make orchids that match photos. She has one which she’d like a “full time” bloom for.

Although I am still currently behind on orders by about a month, I am always willing to try. Just email me your photo, and I’ll take a crack at it!

Here’s a special order bracelet I just finished for Sue in Texas. Speaking of patient, she’d been waiting for this one since October. You can click on the photos for larger versions.