>There are a lot of updates. So…

General Updates
I’ve had a number of questions regarding David. Thank you. He’s feeling a little bit better everyday.
David and I spent the evening of the New Year watching the webcast of my brother’s wedding, which was absolutely gorgeous. We then made a fire, watched Wall-E, played with the puppies, and opened some bubbly at midnight. The church down the street from us let their bells off at twelve.

Outside, many of the public buildings had farilitos, which I wish I remembered to have taken a photo of… They are candles set inside little paper bags. The whole bag glows, and they line the roofline of many buildings here.

I hope your New Year started as well, and happy 2009.
March Classes at 1 Stop Bead Shop
Here’s a sneak peak of the classes I submitted for the March schedule. They might well change…
Passion Fruit Vine Necklace
27th & 28th (all day, both days)
Seed Bead Master Class – LEVEL 5 (no kidding!!!)
10am-4pm each day.
Another over-the-top piece. Combine peyote, RAW, sculptural ndebele and a new fringe.
This piece will have the special components as a kit but will ALSO have a materials list of 11/0 and 15/0 seed beads in a range of suggested colors since many of our level 5-ready students have so many seed beads at home and it’ll make the whole thing easier on 1stop employees.
Expect that the kit and materials list combined will be over $100.00
Prerequisites: even count flat peyote, tubular peyote, basic ndebele, basic RAW, Barb’s swarovski flower class. There will be prehomework: 5 of the flowers from Barb’s class and a length of wire covered in peyote, RAW, netting, African Helix, or ndebele (student’s choice, will be explained in directions I send out before the class).
Techniques Workshop: Adding Your Work to Ebay & Etsy
Monday March 30, day (4 hours) TENTATIVE
students should be comfortable surfing online, saving to their desktop and loading photos; this is not “an introduction to your computer” class. Learn to add your work to both Ebay and Etsy. We’ll talk about setting up a Paypal account, an Ebay auction sellers account, and an Etsy account. Other online selling tools will also be discussed. We won’t talk about photographing your work, however. We’ll do this step-by-step, so there is a xerox fee as well as a fee to cover the rental of an overhead projector! Students who have laptops with wireless are encouraged to bring them, so they can work alongside the instruction in class.
Techniques Workshop: Nothing But Fringe
Monday March 30, evening (3 hours)Level 2
By request
This is an overview of at least 8 different types of fringe. Students will attach sample fringe to a booklet (I’m gonna have it all pretty and bound) for $10.00, but otherwise, they need to bring the following to class:
5g 6/0
5g 8/01
tube 11/0 seeds
1 tube 15/0 seeds
1 strand $1.00 Czech glass (“killer filler”)
5 g glass drops
5 g bugle beads (any size)
All About Dots! Lampwork Class
Tuesday & Wednesday, March 31 & April 1 (3.5 hours each day)
Intermediate Lampworking, Level 3
Still having trouble with dot placement? Even if you’ve had our dots and twisties class, this is for you. We’ll discuss evenly placing dots, dot size, distortion effects and a keen little effect called “masking.”
Requires beginning lampwork.
Freeform Bead Embroidered Pendant
Thursday, Day. April 2 By Julie Waldo’s request, Full Day Class. Level 3
This class BOTH looks at how to bead embroider as well as some freeform “out of the box” ways to design and some items you might not otherwie consider adding to your beadwork (found object jewelry). A heavy dose of design and color theory will be taught. We’ll go over straightforward finishing techniques, but students might want to have taken the Monday night fringe class to help them design the finishing touches on this piece. Item will not be completed in class.
Prerequisite: peyote stitch
Ndebele Cubes Bracelet
Level 3
Teaches beginning ndebele and a round peyote toggle. Requires preknowledge of even count flat peyote stitch.
3 hours, item should be nearly completed in class.