Many of you know that I just returned from teaching, back in Ohio, at 1 Stop Bead Shop and Glass Axis. I wanted to thank everyone who hosted me there – I miss you and feel so fortunate to have such good friends.

What a lot of you also know is that David called me the day after I left, complaining of a tummy ache. I thought that he’d just eaten something bad, and told him to have some of my homemade soup, and take it easy. A week ago Monday, he went into the hospital with full blown acute appendicitis. It ruptured, and had he waited any longer, he probably wouldn’t have made it; the toxicity of the stuff in his system was over-the-top. He should have been unconcious, but still managed to drive himself to the hospital since I was in another state.

I feel like I’m really lucky to have found this sweet, sensitive guy and am afraid I will be cancelling all travel up until March to spend time with him. I’m lucky he survived this.

David has no health insurance. I swear, we were just talking about his getting a new job where they actually offered health insurance to him! He got one bill yesterday and another today, and the health business here in the US is truly unbelievable. We’re expecting one more bill.

I have had some wonderful advice from friends, the Marines and VA, and his doctor’s primary nurse regarding medical financial help, but I feel like I need to do something more to help David out.

As a result, I have put all the full kits and tutorials on half price on my Etsy. My apologies to anyone who bought kits or tutorials in Ohio – email me ( and I’ll send you a good one to make it up to you. Some of my seconds are also on sale, and a few clearance items. Link is to the right.