The Harwood Gallery trunk show has been extended to November 24th. If you are in Northern New Mexico, stop on by and take a look! Details and address are in my post from Oct 27th. Work will then be packed up and shipped to Columbus, OH, just after Thanksgiving. Glass Axis’ Holiday sale runs in Columbus from December 12-14, 2008; I’ll be showing my new finished jewelry there. The new beads, including the boro flower focals (photos below and in previous posts), will be at 1Stop Bead Shop. The formal trunk show will be on Friday, December 12 and will stay up through Club Bead, but I’ll bet I’ll be able to talk Lisa into letting me leave the work out all week. There are new kits and tutorials, as well. In addition, that Friday, my friend Bethany will be joining me at 1Stop for the Trunk Show! Come on by and say hello!


Here is a new tree peony (top) and a new poppy (below). In the case of the peony, the color is better in the second photograph.

The peony: One 30mm x 52mm focal bead. The bead was made on a 3/32″ mandrel. It is waiting for your own beaded necklace design. Made of pyrex/borosilicate. Striped pinks and reds.

The poppy: One 30mm x 51mm focal bead. The bead was made on a 3/32″ mandrel. It is waiting for your own beaded necklace design. Made of pyrex/borosilicate.

Beads vary a little in size and shape since they are all individually made. Some parts are sculptural and therefore thicker or raised. My beads are annealed in a digitally controlled kiln for lasting durability and cleaned using a diamond Dremel bit. I am a Self Representing Artist which means I make all my own beads. They are both on Etsy:

On December 7th, I’ll be doing a special class at Glass Axis on how to make these beads. I’ve been asked a number of times for a tutorial and am not yet ready to give written directions on these, but the class will cover the striped ribbon cane, a basic 3D flower with petals, the lily, and if we are adventurous and have time, the iris. There will be no written instructions, so come prepared to write! Students need to have taken at least one advanced lampworking class, more than one are helpful. Familiarity with boro is helpful. To register, contact me at or call Heidi during the work week at Glass Axis (412) 291-4250. I’m not sure of the pricing yet, but use of the minor torches, kilns, tools and all boro color/clear is included.


Fallen Branch is another new piece. It has a lovely willow curve to it, and leaves that have already turned color for the autumn. Made of copper wire that has been coiled into a graceful curve, then woven with Japanese size 15 beads in Right Angle Weave (RAW), based off of the techniques I learned from Jeanette Cooke, once again. Approximately 3″ long at longest point. Approximately 1″ wide. Does not come with chain, is currently on Etsy (link above).

“Beachfront” is a Fused Glass Cabochon by Candi, from Glass Axis. Copper, glass & Agate Pendant. Approximately 3″ long at longest point. Approximately 1″ wide. Does not come with chain. Handmade Fused Glass Cabochon, Jasper, Agate, copper, Czech & Japanese Glass. Does not come with chain, is currently on Etsy (link above).


Finally, here’s the update on classes at 1Stop in December. To register, call 1Stop at (412)573-6452.

December 6 – The Ultimate Color Reactions Class – SPACE AVAILABLE
At the 1Stop Warehouse
This class is a recipe class, taught on the hothead, for some of my favorite color reactions using 1Stop’s regularly stocked glass, some of the premium priced cane, and some of that fantastic silver glass recently presented to the lampwork market. We will be focusing on just the reactions during class time… not shapes, so as long as you’ve taken a beginning lampwork skills class…you are set. We’ll move through the reactions quickly, some just using a show-and-tell method, others actually giving you time to work. There is way more than we have time for in a single class, so come prepared for loads of information! Students will also leave class with an actual recipe box complete with cards detailing everything that’s covered during the class (and more). No worries about note taking or forgetting the order of things. Students should bring all tools, their hothead and a two cans of gas. There will be a lunch break.

December 8 – Embellished Netted Collar SPACE AVAILABLE
At the 1Stop Main Shop
Learn how to create a complex looking but elegant spider web of beads. The instructions show how to make a bracelet, but this technique can be easily expanded into a beautiful necklace. Multiple versions will be addressed, as well as many different possibilities for materials. This class is an Advanced Beginner class. If you can thread a needle and have done any seed beading beforehand, you’ll be fine! The kit instructions teach basic netting and an embellishment technique that makes this look much more difficult than it actually is. I love a piece that looks complex but is really simple – don’t you?

December 9 & 10 – Japanese Lantern with Dutch Spiral Chain. ALMOST FULL
Moved to the 1Stop Warehouse
This two part class is for the Advanced Beader ONLY. Students need to be really comfortable with Round Peyote Stitch. The first night, we’ll begin the Dutch Spiral and I will explain how to begin the Japanese Lantern pendant. The second night, we’ll actually start the Japanese Lantern, and I’ll explain how to complete the project and put it all together. This project will NOT be completed in class

December 13 – Create Your Design SPACE AVAILABLE
Meets at the 1Stop Warehouse
Create Your Design with Hannah & Jackie Pre-req – BOTH Beg Bead String and Beg Wire Wrap. Back by demand! We will share our secrets and cover basics of balance, texture, and color theory. Then we will help troubleshoot your ideas and give feedback. Color wheel included in class.

December 11 – COMING SOON
I’m developing a new wireworking class, as a last-minute addition to 1Stop. It will be a woven bail for a large hole bead or donut. Check back soon for photos and details. I expect it’ll be an intermediate project.