Happy last-day-of-October! My Halloween bead orders are concluded for the season, and I am officially out of orange soft glass. Just have a little bit of the pink grapefruit boro left (see below for an example of a peice using it).
I still have some brown glass for Buckeyes, though, if need be, but am out of silver cores for Pandora style beads. Here is what the buckeyes look like without cores.
Email me at GoodRiverGallery@aol.com to order.

Here are some new floral focals I maded from boro.

A Phalenopsis Orchid. Hole through the back of the piece. About 2.5″ high.

A Bearded Iris. Hole Goes through the center. Just over 2″ high.

The first draft for a Tiger Lily. The hole goes through the back of the piece. Nearly 3″ across!

They are available on Etsy and Ebay:

Also, newly published in the Taos News!
Article on young artist Aaron Garlick
10/30/08, Page E40