>Early voting is available in New Mexico. I voted today.

Since this is my blog, let me just say that I’ve heard a lot of people tell me that they don’t like either major candidate and as a result won’t vote. Please, don’t do this. Even if you feel that you are voting for the lesser of two evils, after 8 years of mismanagement and policies that have us in a downward economic plunge, in a rediculous war, and a set of foreign policies that are nonexistant, we NEED A CHANGE. Make your stand for either major party, just don’t stand aside and then complain when the outcome is a disaster.

I’m not sure if the text will come up on this invite to the Harwood Reception. Try clicking on it.

I finished this piece today. At some point, it will probably go on a copper chain, but for now its done. It is another piece that is based off the techniques I learned from Jeanette Cooke. This one is un-titled, and has copper, fossil coral, turquoise, glass and jasper.

And finally, I took this photo of a double rainbow a while back and forgot to post it.