Word from the Stray Hearts Animal Shelter is that they raised $15,000 at their event. I believe that’s down from last year, but there were two things that were different. Firstly, not all of the donations were at 100%. Some of the art auctions were just donated at a few cents to the shelter. Next year they plan to put a limit on how little the artists can give back, which will mean higher priced items, but also more cash for the shelter.

Secondly, we’ll hopefully have a US president who’s got a clue and is working to pull us out of this recession. David and I were planning on purchasing a Toyota 4Runner yesterday when we heard the Wall Street news, and decided we’d better scrap it for a while.

Back to Stray Hearts, though… This past Saturday, they had an Adopt-a-thon. Super inexpensive adoptions; $50 included all shots, spay or neuter. They also require a town license and a microchip. All adoptions come with 6 months pet health insurance.

I haven’t had a chance to make any more horse beads – perhaps today – but I haven’t heard back from her either regarding the event. I’m filling an order for Halloween beads and also an order for Buckeye beads. Here are some photos.

Just added to my website catalog…
More shards for use in lampworking (they all come with a sheet on how to use them if you need) in the supplies section, new earrings, and a new pendant/amulet bags section reachable through the purses section. Also, have you noticed that the beads section has multiple pages now?

In October, you’ll be able to check out some of my smaller finished pieces in the Art Shows of a number of science fiction conventions… if I get my act together.
Con on The Cob (Akron, Ohio) – items sent!
Constellation (DC)
Mile High Con (Denver)
Nuke-Con (Nebraska) – tentative
Albacon – tentative