>Here’s the new netting piece that I’ll be teaching at 1stop. Its a level 2. I’m still waiting on the seed beads to finish it up so I can mail it, but postal services to Taos are pretty slow. The one that is currently in the store is another version of it, made with pearls. It belongs to Lisa; she grabbed it up soon after I brought it into the store. You can also see a photo of her necklace on the 1stop website. I think that Laura Pacino took the photo, and its fantastic. I’d love to say that Laura just has a better setup for taking photos than I do, but that’s really not true. She’s got a great eye.

Also, I’m thinking of adding the beaded bead that’s shown in the margins of this blog to December’s line-up of classes. It would be on Thursday night. Let me know what you think by giving me your opinion in the poll (also to the right). Its an advanced class, made using a wooden base bead. Then, the bead itself becomes a weaving loom by adding warp threads. Over the top, I wrap rows of beadwork. And finally, its topped off with some picot stitch. If you make the thing a little smaller, it would make a great pendant with some (what else) fringe. This particular one is gigantic and no, I have no idea what its good for…

I’m also considering submitting the following advertisement to the Taos News. Anyone want to give me feedback before I submit it? Email me at GoodRiverGallery@aol.com. If you click on it, you should be able to see it full size…

Newly added to my website is a clearance section, and a lampworking & beading supplies section. I’ve also updated nearly all my catalog pages with new stuff including a brand new kit for a bead knitted amulet bag. http://www.goodrivergalleries.com/catalog.htm

I am so very jealous of all of you who will get to attend Leslee Frumin’s classes in October at 1 Stop. Her Points of Light Pendant makes me drool. You can still sign up for one of her classes, but from my understanding, the spaces are filling fast. Just give them a call over at the store 614-573-6452
To check out Leslee’s class listings, here’s a link to her website: http://www.lesleefrumin.com/examples.htm

The next Hurricane on the radar is Hanna. *grin*

I’ve just added Barb to my email list. *waves at Barb*
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