This morning, I just got my first horse bead out of the kiln for the Equine Spirit Sanctuary auction in September. I can’t believe she didn’t crack, but she I think she looks like an angry cow. Nevertheless, she’s a step in the right direction. I’ll be trying again today…

My website now has a supplies and materials section at It’s still small, but there are some 96 COE frits and shards for use in lampworking, as well as some of the “beady” items from my garage sale items below. The smaller frits can be used on the surface of 104 beads, but I wouldn’t recommend using the shards or the larger frits while mixing COEs. I’ve also updated some of the other sections. I’m feeling pretty good about this. I’ve also updated my bracelets section and the kits section of the catalog.

Countdown is over for the triangular peyote stitch directions. It will be coming down this afternoon, so if you haven’t already printed it out do it now!


This morning, Lisa from 1 Stop in Columbus/Dublin Ohio is being interviewed by Fox News! The store was only just in the paper a few days ago and now this! I’ll try to post a link to the video if I can find it. Or, anyone else who manages to find it first, can you forward the link to me?

Julie, from GiaRosa Creativity Center & Retreat, is being interviewed today for the Taos News! That should probably come out next Thursday, so I’ll post that link as well.