Egyptian Queen, Revisited

I’ve had a few questions regarding the Egyptian Queen Necklace recently, so thought that I’d throw a copy of the photo up again since I thought it might help.

Grand Opening!

My website catalog is finally up and running, and I think I’ve got all the bugs out of it! Check back on a regular basis since I hope to update it frequently (as items sell); the only things which aren’t one-of-a-kind are the kits.

Just as a reminder

The instructions for the triangular peyote stitch will only be up a few more days. The link is a few postings below.


More About the ESS Fundraising Event

The Equine Spirit Sanctuary was the vision of several people who saw the need for an equine rescue in northern New Mexico. Through their program of rescue, rehabilitation, relocation or retirement for horses in need, their goal is to save horses that otherwise may die of neglect or suffer unnecessary abuse. To the left is a photo of Kat, one of the horses at ESS who needs a home with an experienced rider.
Fall Festival of the Horse
September 20-21, 2008
ESS will host a weekend horse event, with a variety of activities on Saturday. These will include an ESS open house, art event, and various demos. On Sunday, there will be a T-Team/T-Touch clinic, taught by Raian, TTEAM Practitioner III from Loveland, Colorado.

I just got some super sweet emails from Pam and Molly (*waving*). I’ll be responding to you in the next day or so.