>I hope to soon get some shots of the bracelets that were in the Taos Museum of Art Fundraiser. There were over 200 pieces of art in the silent and live auctions, and the food was unbelievably good – which is really why I volunteered to help out! Next year I hope to be assisting the Director with the event; planning begins in October. All three of my bracelets sold and the fundraiser made over $150,000 for the museum itself and approximately the same for the artists involved. Time to make more bracelets!


The Stray Hearts Fundraiser was also a success, although I don’t know the exact numbers on it! I was actually a little skeptical since there were two other major auctions in town this past weekend (estate sales) as well as the museum fundraiser. David and I went in at about 2pm on Sunday to set up, but it turned out they were already done, so we wandered on home to play with the pups some more. We were up and ready to go almost an hour early, and people started coming in around 4:30 for the raffles which were the deals of the century. It was packed when we left at about 7. I’m starting to see a lot of familiar faces around town now. All three of my donations sold (a pair of earrings, a cascade pendant and the crocheted rope photographed in the last blog posting).
I’m exhausted! I think I need to sleep for a week!


More fundraising information:
In September I’ll be taking part in a Fundraiser for the Equine Spirit Sanctuary. I’m in the process of designing some horse beads and also some embellishments for bridles and cowboy hats. Photos coming soon!


New kit!

I have added a new kit to my line: Ribbon Amulet Purse

This is a beginning beading project!
The kit shows the purse in pinks & greens, but I made some more fall colors. Currently, all of my kits will be available at the Suburban Bead Encounter in Naperville, Illinois (look for the TLD Design Center & Gallery booth – http://www.suburbanbeadencounter.com/). Anything left over (plus the ones I’m making in the next few weeks) will be available online at my website after the event. http://www.goodrivergalleries.com/


Tammy, at TLD Design Center & Gallery, still has one kit available for the Japanese Screen Bracelet at her store. Call her for more information 630-963-9573. The cost on it is $25.00 and includes a set of black-and-white instructions and 14 colors of premium delica beads. You still need the 14 or 16 g wire and some beading tools. If you are planning on going to the Suburban Bead Encounter, I’ll bet you could pay for it in advance with a credit card and pick it up there, just call her!


Some side notes: I have just shipped 20+ Pandora Style Beads to 1 Stop. They should be in the store by early this upcoming week. All but two of them have silver colored cores; the other have gold foils, and therefore have gold cores. Stop on in to see them!

There should also be a set of samples enclosed with the Pandora beads for my new version of the Color Reactions class.

Also, the actual sample for the Japanese lantern & Dutch Spiral Necklace should be in the store in the next few days – I shipped it out about five days ago.


P.S. *Waving at Kris*. I finally added her to the email listing for this blog. If you are interested in also being added, just email me!