>My internet was down, so I’ve only now uploaded the directions for the Taos Sunset Triangular Peyote Stitch at http://www.goodrivergalleries.com/taossunset.htm
It will only be up for a week, though, so print it out right away!

Dixie: I put fringe all across the lower ladder stitch in the Egyptian Queen Necklace. I had been planning on doing it all the way up to the clasp, but then got bored, so that’s how the crossover fringe happened. I think you could just fringe until you had enough or ran out of beads, whichever happened first!

David and I have been volunteering for the local animal shelter, Stray Hearts, and we sort of fell into some fundraising work for them. This weekend Natural Accents, a local gallery, is sponsoring an art auction for the shelter. We’re helping to arrange the show on Sunday in the space next door to the gallery; its been unused for a year or so now. Since Natural Accents is packed full of stuff, what better way to start with a clean slate? And, I’ve donated one of my crocheted & beaded rope necklaces for the event. The piece is handdyed silk and clear beads over the top, with a loopy fringe and some lampwork (see photo below). Better yet, Natural Accents has asked to have some of my work in the gallery after the event. They are in a prime location.

Also, see the fundraiser this weekend for the Taos Museum, in the posting below…

As a side note:
I just slipped some feathers into the coyote eye cabochon pendant. I still haven’t figured out how to work the winged seraphim pendant I bought them for, so thought that they might be fun in the fringe of the pendant…

Coming soon!
A shop-able web cart for http://www.goodrivergalleries.com/! Its almost all in place except for the actually workable forms (through Paypal) and some of the kit information. This should have been up and running two years ago, but David and I are sharing a car and I’ve got my eyeball (not the ones pictured in earlier posts, but my real ones) on a tomato colored VW Convertible Bug (A TOMATO BUG!) here in town. Its one of the original ones, so guess what, Karen… I’m gonna have to learn to drive stick if I can talk the owner into selling, and can get together the cash for it! Two years, though… How’s that for procrastinating? Bethany, from gwacie beads (www.gwaciebeads.com), calls this WAD (Work Avoidance Disorder). Speaking of which, she’ll be in Columbus for the bead show this weekend. Stop on by and give her what-for for me.