I will be back in Columbus in December, to teach, for a trunk show, and for the Glass Axis holiday sale. I hope to see everyone again then. The schedule is below.

By the way, thank you, Barb & Kris, for rescueing me on Friday after Club Bead and bringing me to the airport Saturday morning! Joyce – it was a pleasure seeing you again. Hope to see you in December. And, by the way, I’m not sure if I finished my convo with you about the dreydls, but yes, they do have all the right stuff on them, no, they don’t turn well because they aren’t really well weighted (I meant them as pendants). They have a sterling siver loop, by the way.

December Classes at 1Stop


December 6
Silver Glass & Color Reactions
This class is a recipe class for some of my favorite color reactions using our regularly stocked glass, some of the premium priced cane, and some of that fantastic silver glass recently presented to the lampwork market. We will be focusing on just the reactions during class time… not shapes, so as long as you’ve taken a beginning lampwork skills class…you are set. We’ll move through the reactions quickly, some just using a show-and-tell method, others actually giving you time to work. There is way more than we have time for in a single class, so come prepared for loads of information! No worries about note taking or forgetting the order of things for this class, though. Kit will be $50.00 for this one. Students should bring all tools, their hothead and a two cans of gas. There will be a lunch break.


December 8
Netted Collar or Bracelet. Level 2
We’re calling this something else in the store, but basically, you will have time to finish a bracelet in store or extend it into a necklace. Lisa has a white pearl version of this which she’ll bring into the store when she gets back from vacation. Meanwhile, though, I’m working on a Swarovski version in fall colors: bronze & violet. Its actually even more embellished then the anklet shown to the right. Will be kitted for a necklace, and I estimate the kit cost at about $60.00.

*For those of you who know peyote bezeled cabs, I recommend one of the BRAND NEW Swarovski cabochons at center front. I would have added it in, but it will raise the price of the piece even more AND would make it a level 4. The schedule was already out when I saw the cabs under Robin’s desk. Stalk her for them… they are fabulous!


December 9&10
Japanese Lantern Pendant with Embellished Dutch Spiral Chain
Level 4
Both of these techniques are based off of Peyote Stitch and since there wasn’t nearly enough going on with each individually, I stuck them together. The lantern is built off of Peyote fringe and peyote rings and might also make a neat holiday ornament. Barb, I’d suggest learning peyote stitch before you try this one. Overall, I wish the sample had been a little less monochromatic, but I don’t think I’ll have time to make another one before class. We’ll have better colors for your kits, though.
Kit cost will be above $75.00 on this again.


December 13
Create Your Style
This is one of my favorite classes, co-taught with Robin B. Learn how to make your own designs, based on balance and color theory. I taught this class in two separate college semesters at both the Illinois Institute of Art and also the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. mainly lecture, but bring in some of your UFOs (unfinished objects) for us to look at near the end of class and consult with you regarding design ideas.

Classes are already in the computer, so sign-ups are already available. Call or visit the store.