And the first game is today.

So, while the guys watch one of the games on each of the 3 TVs (I’m confounded by how that happened in my house, but I had 3 in Columbus, too, donated 2 of them and still have 3 now that I’ve moved), I’m going to make football beads!

Special Orders are welcome, but here’s what I currently am making:

Buckeye Beads (about 25 mm) $5.00 ea
Mini Buckeyes (tiny ones, sold in sets of 5, about 6mm) $8.00/set (these have tiny holes, too)
Pandora Style Buckeyes with brown cores $10.00 ea
Scarlet & Gray Pandoras with scarlet cores $10.00 ea
Scarlet 5-bead spacer sets (about 12mm) $5.00/set
Gray 5-bead spacer sets (about 12mm) $5.00/set

Black Base with Orange Stripe 5-bead set (about 25mm) $25.00
Orange Base with Black Stripe 5-bead set (about 25mm) $25.00
Black Base with Orange Stripe Pandora. Black Core $12.00
Orange Base with Black Stripe Pandora. Black Core $12.00

As always, email me…