> Strangely enough, I get more requests for photos of the huskies than I do for photos of David. But first, here’s the only photo of David I have on this machine, since I probably ought to show my new pack in order. I’ll replace the photo when he lets me take a new one. By the way, these have all been resized. You can click on most of the images (including the jewelry) and get a larger version.

And here’s Uly (Ulysses). He’s just posing because he knows he’s pretty. I like the outlines on his ears and his eyeliner.

So… Here is Sasha. She’s tired out from stealing my socks and eating them… And the from sitting on my bed; I just caught her on there now. And then from stealing my shoes. She’s a husky, but she’s just 1 so she still doesn’t have all that fur and the fluffy tail.

Here are both of them…

I don’t know what this pendant thing is, but it happened this last week and has been following me around the house watching me since. I got some taxidermy eyes in and have been enjoying them. The next one is going to have lids and will be available as an instruction packet. The one after that is going to be modeled off of a main (good) character in an old science fiction book I read while I was a kid called A Wind In The Door (Madeline L’Engle) and will have feathers and eyes… maybe multiples of them. Wierdly enough, the angel of death character in the upcoming film HellboyII has the eye and wing thing going, too. I’ll have instruction packets with the eye cabs at my July and August trunk shows.